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Decorating your home after Christmas

Posted by Gemma Barclay on January 19, 2022

Now that the Christmas decorations are ready to be retired, it’s time to think about what kind of decorations you’ll have for the rest of the winter. If your home is looking a little bare without your Christmas tree or trimmings then our team has put together some great tips on post-holiday wintry décor and style.

 Today, we’re looking at Decorating Your Home After Christmas.

1. Use a White/Blue/Gold/Silver Colour Scheme

First, you should stay away from Green and Reds! Focus on White, Blue, Gold, and Silver! Red and green are universal Christmas colours, which you might want to make less use of after the Christmas holidays. Instead try to use blue, silver, and white to create a cooler atmosphere that portrays a cosy snowy feeling. Gold accents help create warmth throughout the chilly season. So, whatever you decide to put above the mantlepiece, try and use these colours if possible.

2. Switch Out Pine for Eucalyptus

Second, try to avoid using too much pine. Instead, try other winter-inspired plants, like eucalyptus!

Eucalyptus plants can be transformed to fit any season! They have a beautiful look and a refreshing scent that everyone enjoys. Replace the pine tree garland on your mantel with some eucalyptus leaves. You could even dress it up with snowy lanterns, candles and a winter quote canvas!

3. Add some throw pillows and blankets

The perfect cure to the winter chill is BLANKETS! Who doesn’t love a good blanket on a cold winter night? Drape your couches with fluffy or faux fur blankets and add the perfect accent pillows to winterize your living room!  You can even make your own pillow covers and add a winter touch with paint and stencils!

4. Add some candles

Nothing makes a house feel more like a home than candles- especially during the winter! And chances are, you might get a candle or two for Christmas, making it a great time to start using them!

Pick out some winter-inspired scented candles and place them around your home! You can use them for centrepieces on your coffee tables, dining room table, or side tables! The best thing about candles is the array of shapes, sizes, and colours they come in. Have fun with it!

5. Wall Art & Canvases

Last but not least, try adding some wall art & canvases to beautify your space. If you’re up for a fun DIY project, you can decorate your home with winter quotes and sayings that you design yourself. Choose colours that are blue, silver, and white to make them feel distinct from your Christmas decor.

If Canvases aren’t for you, you can put up winter-themed wall art. It can be anywhere from a snowy night to abstract details using winter-themed colours.

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