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Selling Your Home This Fall

Posted by Gemma Barclay on September 23, 2021

Use a Team Who Will Market Your Home Right During the Fall Season

Our team uses marketing on social media for your home. We create booklets or brochures for your property. We do drone photography and we put your shots on our website. These are just some of the things that we do to make your home stand out.


A great idea after the summer months is to make sure your HVAC equipment is in good condition. Make sure your home isn’t losing heat unnecessarily by putting in weatherstrips, replacing caulking around windows, ceiling ducts, or even getting a home inspection done if you suspect there are any flaws that may need fixing. 


Our team is a big fan of using staging because it really helps to make your home feel warmer and inviting for potential buyers. Staged homes sell faster and for more, so it’s a good investment.


Next, if you’re looking to sell in the fall it’s a good idea to make use of attractive fall scents around your home. This could be cinnamon potpourri pumpkin scents or crisp citrus scents.

Declutter & Clean

Another great tip is making sure that your home is decluttered and clean. Do you want your spaces to look as large as possible, but clutter tends to make spaces look small. So, organize and get rid of the stuff you don’t need, and once your home is organized give it a thorough cleaning.

Turn On Your Fireplace for Showings

When showings are actually happening a lot of buyers really enjoy seeing that your gas fireplace actually works if you have one. That warm glow is very inviting and it’s one of those small things that really has a strong impact on buyers.

If you need help selling your home this fall and want someone with great expertise we have a whole team waiting to help you, give me a call today.

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