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User Agreement

This User Agreement (“Agreement”) constitutes the official offer extended by The Barclay Team (referred to as the “Company”) to any individual (referred to as the “User”) intending to utilize the Site under the terms outlined herein. The User is required to thoroughly read and unconditionally accept this Agreement before engaging in any actions on the Site. Acceptance is expressed by the User in the manner and under the terms specified herein.

1. Terms and Definitions

  • Agreement: Refers to this User Agreement available online at:
  • User: Refers to an individual who, without legal limitations, accepts this Agreement on their behalf and in their own interests
  • Site Content: Encompasses intellectual property objects (IPO), including but not limited to textual information, images, photographs, links, video recordings, audio recordings, etc., owned by the Company.
  • Device: Denotes various mobile communication devices, computers, laptops, or equivalents used to access the Site.

2. Introduction

  • The Parties acknowledge that the User, by using the Site, is considered acquainted with and unconditionally accepts the terms of this Agreement. The Company commits to providing Users continuous access to the Agreement’s provisions by publishing it on the Site
  • By continuing to use the Site, the User confirms awareness of the Site’s characteristics, functionality, and the terms of this Agreement. The Site is provided “AS IS,” and the Company does not offer any warranties regarding integrability, satisfactory quality, fitness for a particular purpose, or error-free operation.
  • Users disagreeing with the Agreement’s terms are not entitled to use the Site and must cease any Site-related activities immediately.

3. Agreement Acceptance

  • The User accepts this Agreement upon the first use of any Site functions, including the study of Site Content.

4. Agreement Acceptance

  • The Company grants the User the right to use the Site for specific actions outlined in the Agreement, subject to the User’s consent to personal data processing as per Agreement’s provisions by publishing it on the Site
  • The Company reserves the right to unilaterally amend this Agreement by publishing a new version on the Site.

5. Restricted Use

  • While using the Site, the User is prohibited from actions such as distribution, sale, translation, modification, reverse engineering, or creating derivative works, which violate the law.

6. Intellectual Property

  • The Company holds exclusive ownership of all intellectual property rights to the Site, Site Content, and any other intellectual property objects.

7. Miscellaneous

  • If certain provisions are restricted by legislative requirements, they will be replaced by provisions with a meaning as close as possible to the original ones.
  • If one or more provisions of the Agreement are deemed invalid, other provisions will remain in full force.

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